HOPE ΙΙ : "The Story of Europe Remembrance and the Circle of European Friends who Resisted Hitler"

Projekt der griechischen Stadt Haidari/Chaidari

In Haidari/Chaidari (Griechenland) hatten die Deutschen während ihrer Besatzung Griechenlands ein Konzentrationslager betrieben, in dem Widerstandskämpfer und Juden interniert und ermordet worden waren.

Mit dem Projekt Hope hält die Stadt Haidari/Chaidari die Erinnerung an die Verbrechen des Nationalsozialismus aufrecht und will den Europäern - insbesondere der jungen Generation - auch die Bedeutung des Widerstandes für den Erhalt der Werte von Demokratie, Freiheit und Respekt für die Menschenrechte vermitteln. Das Projekt wurde von der Europäischen Union finanziert.
"The Greek martyr Municipality of Haidari, manages with various events of commemoration the glorious path of the values of Democracy, Freedom and Respect of human rights and furthermore their violations by the Nazis.
The project "HOPE II" was the continuation and second phase of the same titled project that was implemented by the Municipality of Haidari during the period 26/03 – 18/05/2013.
Both projects concern a) narrations by fighters of national resistance in national and European level, ex prisoners that managed to survive and descendants of the executed fighters, Greek and other European nationalities, b) relevant discussion with children and young people, amongst them immigrants and their children and c) publication to a wide audience of national and international guests in order to reinforce the knowledge concerning the atrocious events that took place during the Nazi Occupation and to stimulate further the active involvement of European citizens in the Common Affairs, to forge the concept of common identity and to reinforce the vision of European unification, solidarity between nations and also, the disarmament in the world and a peace – loving environment between all nations.
This project was funded 100% by the European Union and EACEA and as a request of this Education,"


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