Roz Jacobs und Laurie Weisman: The Memory Project

Die beiden New Yorker Künstlerinnen verbinden in ihrem Projekt Kunst, Kunsterziehung und Zeitzeugenschaft.

Projektselbstbeschreibung: "The Memory Project is a catalyst for thinking about the impact of the Holocaust on individuals, about the potency of the creative process, and the importance and possibilities of communicating history across generations.

It’s ideal for use as an introduction to the Holocaust with middle and high-school students, and can be used at any point in your curriculum. Many materials are available free or charge." - link

Material zum Projekt: - link

Ihr neues Filmprojekt "Finding Kalman" wurde 2011 mit dem "GOLDEN EAGLE AWARD" ausgezeichnet. - link

Informationen zum Film:

" Holocaust survivor’s riveting testimony about life in the Warsaw ghetto and the brother she lost to the Nazis is blended with images of her daughter painting a series of haunting oil portraits of that boy--her uncle. The haunting portraits are exhibited with nine video panels."

Trailer: - link

Die DVD dazu kann um 29,95 $ + Porto erworben werden: - link

Das Projekt verknüpft Kunst und Zeitzeugenschaft
Das Projekt verknüpft Kunst und Zeitzeugenschaft
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