Konferenz: "Accessing Campscapes: Inclusive Strategies for Using European Conflicted Heritage"

Präsentation der Ergebnisse eines mehrjährigen, europaweiten Forschungsprojektes
16.10.2019  |  09:00  -  20:00   |  

"Accessing Campscapes: Inclusive Strategies for Using European Conflicted Heritage"


In most postwar European countries, former Nazi campscapes have become icons of antifascist resistance and the Holocaust, and they have played a consistent role in postwar European memory of totalitarianism and genocide. In Western European countries, former camps have been reused by postcolonial migrants and other refugee groups. In the Eastern European centre of the Holocaust and Stalinist terror, many former camps are still contested spaces where consecutive internments of prisoners by occupying powers and political regimes transformed the victims of one event into the persecutors of another. This entanglement of remembering with forgetting, along with the silencing of competing narratives, shows the strong connection between heritage, storytelling and the politics of identity, posing a serious challenge to museums, remembrance institutions, civil society organizations, social activists, critical academics and educators tasked with the development of new and alternative narratives to make such spaces ever more relevant.

The cultural, political and material dynamics of former camps in Europe was investigated within the framework of iC-ACCESS, drawing from interdisciplinary research perspectives in historical, heritage and memory studies, forensics, archaeology and material culture studies, and digital humanities. We have explored what has become, in the European context, a dominant set of issues: the dynamics affecting the staging and presentation of some Holocaust camps into heritage, and the forgetting of others; the acknowledgement and presentation of Stalinist campscapes in Eastern Europe; dissonant heritage and competing memories, and simmering ethnic/regional tensions from the past, exacerbated by the present EU crisis affecting the identity and future of the European integration project. iC-ACCESS has addressed the role of the campscapes as monuments of the ‘20th century of camps’ in an age of transnationalization, digitization, and migration.


Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2019, 09:15 - 19:30

Vienna Wiesenthal Institute, Research Lounge 1010 Vienna, Rabensteig 3, 3rd F


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Flyer Konferenz
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