Exemplary Protocol

On the first day, the workshop focused on laying out the work plan for the entire project. Its two main goals were formulated more precisely: the development of educational concepts and of training for educational staff.

The second day centered on the working groups and their previously agreed upon assignments concerning narratives, materials, interactive sequences and support for educational staff. Representatives of the working groups were presenting preliminary results.

The third day was spent defining research areas, reporting and evaluating, as well as with the presentation of developments and results.

Introduction by Yariv Lapid

The Pedagogical Concept and its Challenges

What do we need for our debate in May?

Staff Education

Relation between the working groupsmade up of guides at the memorial and the ThinkTank

Tasks of the Think Tank

Session on Narratives (working group 1)

Session on Interactive Sequences (working group 1)

Session on Material (working group 1)

Conclusive Discussion

Session on Support (working group 2)


Before continuing the discussions, the external experts started off the day by taking a look at some places within the historical part of the former camp: The former SS garage yard and the former gas chamber. They talked about how these places could be handled during guided tours. Then the group of experts returned to the visitor’s center to start of the meeting.

Short Term Tasks

First Thoughts on Long Term Ideas