ERINNERN:AT is part of Austria's Agency for Education and Internationalization and promotes the transfer of historical and methodological-didactic knowledge as well as the reflection of its significance for the present. Since 01.01.2022, the former Holocaust Education Institute of the Austrian Ministry of Education is now the OeAD's program for teaching and learning about National Socialism and the Holocaust.

In national and international educational projects ERINNERN:AT works with European and international partner organizations to develop educational materials in the field of Holocaust education and the prevention of anti-Semitism and racism. These materials include educational websites, learning apps, teaching materials, youth books, exhibitions for schools, and educational programs at memorial sites. Some of these educational materials are recognized as international best practices and have been mentioned as "best practices" in UNESCO publications. In 2018, two educational materials developed by ERINNERN:AT were awarded the Comenius EduMedia Medal and the Worlddidac Award. ERINNERN:AT is also involved in teacher training and conducts year-round trainings in all Austrian provinces and organizes two multi-day seminars annually with more than one hundred participants as well as teacher trainings in Israel. We lead a network of educators who advise and support educators in all Austrian provinces. For several years, ERINNERN:AT has organized school interviews with Holocaust survivors on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education. ERINNERN:AT is involved in international research projects, such as a project evaluating the use of tablets in history classes or a publication project on video testimonies of victims of National Socialism.


The following articles provide an insight into our work.

Strategy Paper: Preventing Anti-Semitism through Education

The Austrian Ministry of Education and Austria’s Education Agency OeAD present Recommendations for the implementation of the national strategy against antisemitism for the Austrian educational administration and teacher training institutions. This strategy paper provides concrete recommendations and proposed measures for the entire education administration. 

DERLA - Digital Remembrance Map of Austria

The digital remembrance map of Austria (DERLA) documents the places and signs of remembrance of the victims and places of terror of National Socialism in Austria and aims at a critical examination of National Socialism and fascism and the remembrance of them. The interdisciplinary cooperation project also aims to develop new concepts for digital remembrance education.

Report: Austrian-Israeli Textbook Committee

Since 2017, the first ever joint Austrian-Israeli Textbook Committee has been working on the analysis of textbooks for history and political education as well as geography with regards to the presentation of both countries. The results will be used to make recommendations for the further development of textbooks. A first interim report provides a preliminary insight into the work of the committee.

Pedagogical materials: Shoah Wall of Names Memorial

The Shoah Wall of Names Memorial in Vienna is a memorial site commemorating the Jewish children, women and men from Austria who were murdered in the Shoah. Together with the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism, the OeAD programme ERINNERN:AT has developed educational materials to accompany visits to the memorial.