About _erinnern.at_

_erinnern.at_ is the Holocaust Education Institute of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education. _erinnern.at_ develops with European and international partner organisations educational materials in the field of Holocaust Education and prevention of Antisemitism and Racism. Such materials include educational websites, learning apps, teaching materials, youth books, exhibitions for schools and educational programs at memorial sites. Some of these educational materials have been recognized as international best practice and had been mentioned as “best practice” in UNESCO publications. In 2018 two educational materials developed by _erinnern.at_ received the Comenius-EduMedia-Medaille and the Worlddidac Award. _erinnern.at_ is also involved in teacher training and conducts trainings in all Austrian federal states throughout the year and organizes annually two seminar that last several days with more than hundred participants and teacher trainings in Israel. We manage a network of educators that offers consultation and services to educators in all Austrian federal states. Since several years _erinnern.at_ organizes on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education school discussions with survivors of the Holocaust. _erinnern.at_ is engaged in international research projects, such as a project to evaluate the use of tablets in history education or a publication project on video testimonies of victims of National Socialism.