Moller, Ruben: Brief History of The Moller Family During The Nazi Era, 1933-1945 and Beyond

Die jüdische Familie Moller lebte vor dem Krieg in Bochum. Im Januar 1942 wurden die Mutter, sein Bruder (15 Jahre) und er (12 Jahre) nach Riga deportiert. Sie übelebten diverse Ghettos/KZs im Osten. 1949 wanderte Ruben Moller in die USA aus.

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Product Description:
"This brief history recounts the trial and tribulation of our widowed mother, my older brother and I, and that of other Jewish people during the Nazi Era. In 1935 we lost our civil rights and German citizenship, in 1938 12,000 Jews of Polish origin were deported to Poland, on November 8, 1938 Kristallnacht took place when the Nazis gutted over a thousand synagogues, destroyed or vandalized almost every Jewish business and home, and incarcerated more than 30,000 men aged sixteen and older in concentration camps for several months under brutal conditions. In 1939 we were required to wear a yellow Star of David inscribed with Jude (Jew) sewn on our outer garments. In January of 1942 we lost our total freedom when we were imprisoned in various ghettos and concentration camps for the remainder of the war, becoming witnesses to Hitler’s 'Final Solution,' the destruction of the European Jewry. Our history will detail the brutalization and the murderous events we experienced."


Verlag: BookSurge Publishing, Oktober2009
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