Ausschreibung: „Workshop on the History and Memory of National Socialist Camps and Killing Sites“

Im Oktober 2020 findet eine Tagung für NachwuchswissenschafterInnen in Salzburg statt

Call for Papers and Participants (Ausschreibung auf Englisch)

The international conference, entirely self-organized by young scholars, provides an interdisciplinary and collegial forum for academic exchange on the history and memory of National Socialist camps and sites of mass murder, the Second World War, and the Holocaust. The next workshop will take place in Salzburg, Austria (19-25 October 2020) and will focus, in part, on local NS history and memorial sites, which are paradigmatic of the topic of the workshop: „From Centre to Periphery and Beyond“.


Possible topics

Along with the local NS history, the organizers aim to bring together a broad range of research topics in Salzburg, which touch upon the history of National Socialist camps and killing sites and their aftermaths. Applicants are encouraged to explore aspects of centrality and/or periphery in their research. Possible topics include killing sites, death marches and different types of camps, as well as their functions and architecture, relations with local populations or centres of power.


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