"International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism"

Seit 1990 begeht UNITED den internationalen Gedenktag.

"International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism"
The 9 November 1938, the "Kristallnacht" pogrom, was the first step to the extermination of the Jewish Europeans by the nazis. Today it is seen as the symbolic beginning of the Holocaust, the policy of the systematic murdering of millions of people. It reminds us that such terrible things did not start with deportations and concentration camps, but developed step by step.
Since the early 1990s, UNITED for Intercultural Action has organised and inspired annual pan-European antiracist activities on 9 November. The aim is two-fold, firstly, we commemorate victims of the "Kristallnacht" pogrom and, more broadly, victims of the Holocaust and of fascism throughout history. Secondly, we want to warn societies about the danger of racism, anti-semitism, right-wing extremism and neo-fascism today. We want to mobilise different groups and individuals to build a common front against xenophobia, intolerance, hate and violence.
Hundreds of various organisations and informal groups of all kinds have taken an active part in the campaign. It is time for you, too!
Keep the secretariat informed about your activities. For further information visit our site look under campaigns.

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